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"What is JEBCommerce Reading – April 20, 2012?"

        The new google glass!  See the article below!         We here at JEBCommerce  all look forward to our weekly team meetings where we share the success of our clients with each other, brainstorm fresh ideas in our field and share the interesting articles that we then share with […]

"What is JEBCommerce Reading April 13, 2012"

            Welcome to another episode of “What is JEBCommerce Reading – April 13, 2012”!  April met all of us in the Northwest with a mix of confusing weather; sunny and warm temps one day and snow and cold the next.  Everyone at JEBCommerce have been reading different articles this week […]

Part 8 – Why work with an OPM? – Well, it's simply worth the money.

We’ve discussed reach and exposure, collaboration and economies of scale.  We’ve talked about productivity, quality and flexibility.  All leading up to today’s, and our final, post in the series.  Is it worth it financially? It really comes down to that doesn’t it? Will this be profitable? What have others experienced? Will this add to my […]

Part 6 – Why Should I Hire an Affiliate Management Agency – an OPM?

In our ongoing series on hiring an OPM, today let’s discuss core competencies.  Your core competencies to be precise.  Your organization, department or organization is set up with a certain skillset, culture and talent pool.  Those things help create your core competencies.  They may not be set up for the high level of outreach, flexible negotiations […]

#5 in our Why Hire an Outsourced Program Management Agency – Speed and Flexibility

I hope you enjoyed our brief video in Part 4 of this series.  If you haven’t seen it yet, click here to see how your program can get increased exposure by working with an outsourced affiliate management agency or OPM.  (I use those two interchangeably.  I never really liked the acronym OPM, but it seems to […]

Part 4 – Why hire an OPM – Exposure

The number of people on your team promoting and working your program is vital to its growth. Having a team manage your program allows for more relationships, more placements, more new business opportunities.  Watch the short video we put together today to demonstrate the increased amount of exposure your program could have by working with […]

Economies of Scale – Part 3 of Why work with an OPM

Today we continue to explore reasons why advertisers choose to work with Outsourced Program Managers, or Affiliate Agencies.  We’ve discussed heightened production, quality, collaboration and the ability to tap into a larger experience pool in part 1 and 2 and today we want to discuss economies of scale. Tell me if this has ever happened to you: […]

What is JEBCommerce Reading, First Edition

Every Tuesday morning the JEBCommerce team gets together to talk about our clients, our affiliate partners and share strategies and tactics that are working with each other’s programs.  It also gives me time to share news with the team. One feature to this meeting we added several months ago is sharing what each of us […]

How can you use 99designs?

When it is appropriate, we use our clients’ services and products at every chance we get.  One of our newest clients, 99designs, we have used in the past and are I am currently using to surprise my daughter on her 5th birthday.  There truly are a million different things the designers available to you in […]

Redesigned Affiliate Newsletters

You may have noticed several changes here at JEBCommerce over the last several months. In March we released our new brand and our new website at Deploying a new logo and complete re-branding, as well as our new website, was quite the task. But I really enjoyed the entire process and our site has […]