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A New Year, A Bigger Boom: Find Out How Extending a Promotion Led to 57% MoM Revenue Growth

At JEBCommerce, we pride ourselves on turning challenges into triumphs for our clients, especially when we combine the power of strategic planning and consistent optimization. Our client in the education vertical faced a common challenge in the affiliate marketing channel – maximizing returns during peak seasons.

Last year, despite running a successful New Year’s campaign, potential gains were missed due to the limited duration of the client’s promotion. They needed a strategy that could capitalize on their busiest month – January – to its fullest potential. Armed with insights from past performance data, our team devised a comprehensive plan for this client, with the recommendation to extend their New Year’s promotion to run for two weeks instead of one.

Moreover, our team strategically optimized our approach on two fronts:

  • Publisher Optimization: We ensured that all top publishers were primed for success. This involved fine-tuning their CPA models and providing all top affiliates with the extended promotion code, maximizing their conversion potential.
  • Strategic Partnerships: Building on our strong relationships with industry partners, we leveraged their expertise to enhance conversion rates and trademark protection. This collaborative effort began in late Q3 and bolstered our client’s positioning in the market to pave the way for sustained growth.

The results were nothing short of spectacular:

  • Revenue was up 57.31% MoM and 22.24% YoY
  • Active Publishers increased 10% YoY
  • CR increased 11.5% YoY
  • Orders were up 36.07%

By implementing these strategic adjustments, this client witnessed a remarkable surge in performance. Our proactive optimization efforts, data-driven decision-making, and consistent partner relationships propelled them to new heights, setting a promising trajectory for the year ahead.

Whether it’s unlocking untapped potential during peak seasons or forging impactful partnerships for long-term growth, we’re committed to delivering results that exceed expectations.

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