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Increasing Revenue While Reducing Costs by 28% – Find Out How!

At JEBCommerce, we continually analyze our clients’ advertising budgets and look for ways to optimize spend. We help ensure our clients get the most for their advertising dollars.

  • To help one client achieve a cost-reduction goal in Q1 of this year, our team negotiated a commission structure adjustment that resulted in a 28% cost savings in network fees and commissions. During the same period, the team worked to bring in VIP publishers to produce a 17% revenue increase from Q4.
  • The client experienced reduced costs while increasing revenue.

Developing a program focused on specific KPIs, such as lowering costs, can be challenging. Fortunately, the JEBCommerce team has a wealth of expertise to share. Crafting and implementing strategies that effectively address this challenge, drive growth, and enhance both top and bottom-line results is simply part of our daily routine. If you would like to learn more about optimizing your affiliate program, reach out to us at or schedule time to discuss your needs with us.

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