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What is Nitro-Pak? Nitro-Pak is the best source of high-quality, long-term emergency preparedness kits, disaster supplies, 72 hour kits, 1 year emergency survival food supply, dehydrated food, emergency supply containers, and more! Also, a great note for Businesses: your order may be tax deductible!

They also have a huge supply of camping food!


We are pleased to announce that we have partnered with JEB Commerce to manage our affiliate program. We realize that our business relies on our affiliate program to grow business, our affiliates are key to the success of Nitro-Pak’s online presence. JEB commerce will be able to give more resources and attention to you, to make you successful

Aaron Curley
Chief Information Officer (CIO) at Nitro-Pak

“We have already really enjoyed working with Nitro-Pak! Aaron and the team over there are such great people, and obviously provide a top quality product. We are always very excited when we get to work on program such as this, and when the product is such high quality it makes our job even easier.”

Brian Secrist
Director of Accounts, JEBCommerce

Join the Nitro-Pak affiliate program on the CJ network!

The Nitro-Pak affiliate program details:

  • Post our banners and text links on your website to earn 10% revenue share commission on all sales made when you send customers to Nitro-Pak
  • 90 Day cookie window for earning commissions
  • Pro-active account management from JEBCommerce

Become a Nitro-Pak affiliate! Click Here

Contact the Affiliate Team!

Kristin and Brian

If you are new to affiliate marketing and how you can earn money by promoting the Nitro-Pak, just reach out to our team. They would love to introduce you to this amazing opportunity.

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