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JEBCommerce welcomes the 1822 Denim affiliate program!

Introducing 1822 Denim, an innovative and stylish brand that brings comfort and quality to your denim collection. With a wide range of sizes and styles, 1822 Denim aims to make everyone feel confident and fashion-forward. Their commitment to inclusivity ensures that all body types can find the perfect fit, while their attention to detail guarantees a durable and long-lasting product. Explore the trendy and affordable denim options at 1822 Denim today!

Why publishers should join

The 1822 Denim affiliate program offers a fantastic opportunity for content creators, influencers, and affiliates in the fashion niche. As a popular denim brand that focuses on inclusivity, sustainability, and affordable pricing, 1822 Denim stands out among its competitors. Affiliates can promote a wide range of high-quality denim apparel for men and women, including various sizes and fits, making it appealing to diverse audiences. With competitive commission rates, exclusive discounts, and a 10-day cookie duration, affiliates can earn generous commissions while promoting a brand that values both style and sustainability.

1822 Denim affiliate program details

How to get started

Join on the Rakuten LinkShare platform today! Or, if you’d like to learn more about 1822 Denim, Rakuten LinkShare, or have any questions, simply email us at for a personal response from the program management team.

More about
1822 Denim

1822 Denim was founded in 2015 with a mission to offer premium, thoughtfully made denim for everybody. From day one, we set out to break the traditional denim rules and raise the standard for inclusive sizing, sustainability, and innovation. We’re a group of fashion and denim industry pioneers and professionals who constantly strive to do denim differently and put our community first.

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Program info

Baseline commission: 4%
Average order value: $80
Average affiliate payout: $3.20
Conversion rate: -
Return days: 10
Network(s): Rakuten
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