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JEBCommerce welcomes the Gigs affiliate program!

We’re thrilled to announce our newest partner, Gigs!

At Gigs, they’re transforming the job-seeking landscape for hourly workers, offering personalized earnings and career guidance like never before. Their platform connects employers with top-notch candidates, prioritizing not only job placements but also personal and professional growth journeys.

Forget traditional job boards – Gigs is all about transparency and success. They’re tackling hiring challenges head-on, ensuring that both employers and job seekers have an exceptional experience.

Join us in welcoming Gigs to the family, and let’s together redefine the job search experience into an exciting exploration of skills, aspirations, and growth opportunities!

Why publishers should join

The Gigs affiliate program offers content creators, influencers, and other affiliates a unique opportunity to monetize their online presence. By promoting Gigs, affiliates can earn commissions for using their referral link. This innovative platform connects businesses with freelancers for short-term projects, making it an attractive option for those seeking flexible work opportunities. With a generous commission structure, reliable tracking and reporting tools, and a wide range of promotional materials, the Gigs affiliate program presents an excellent chance for affiliates to earn passive income while helping others find freelance work.

Gigs affiliate program details

How to get started

Join on the Impact platform today! Or, if you’d like to learn more about Gigs, Impact, or have any questions, simply email us at for a personal response from the program management team.