10 Obscure Ways to Increase eCommerce Sales Fast

Posted June 19, 2020 in ,
Last updated: October 16th, 2020

Bit short of your monthly (or yearly) revenue forecast? Or, maybe the affiliate program is new, and you really want to show what it can do. Better yet, your company found some extra marketing budget and gave it to you to increase e-commerce sales.

Whatever the reason, we all find ourselves looking for ways to drive fast revenue into our affiliate programs.

JEBCommerce has been managing affiliate marketing programs since 2004 and have helped many national retailers do a quick turn with their ecommerce sales.

Here are just a few of tried-and-true strategies that increase e-commerce sales fast. Some are obvious, some not-so-obvious and some are a little bit obscure.

  1. Offer a better than average promo for a short period of time. Shoppers LOVE a 72 hour sale!
  2. Increase commissions but be sure to get something for it!
  3. Send an email to non-productive publishers reminding them what’s great about your program, and offering to help them get started.
  4. Do you have a partner sending a small number of visitors with an extremely high conversion rate? See if they’d be willing to give you better positioning on their site to increase clicks and see if the conversion rate remains high.
  5. Do you have a publisher who’s sending a lot of traffic, but no sales? Help check that their tracking is set up correctly.
  6. Bite the bullet and sign an affiliate that charges an “integration fee”. Don’t forget to negotiate upfront costs and a “make-good.”
  7. Work with a couple of your most trusted publishers and give them TM+ rights. You can make it as expansive or as limited as you like.
  8. Have you blocked a certain category of publishers from applying? Now might be the time to expand and see what you’ve been missing!
  9. Look past typical affiliate relationships and give some non-typical partnerships a try.
  10. Recruit, recruit, recruit. There are always publishers out there that would be perfect! You just have to find them.

Bonus: Partner with an affiliate management company to help get you back up to speed. Add award winning affiliate managers to your team with NO long term commitments, HR expenses, or long on-boarding times.

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