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Outsourced Affiliate Management Lowers Affiliate Channel Costs

Outsourcing affiliate management takes the time and hassle out of your partnership program and turns it into a cash machine.

If you’re a digital retail company looking to reduce customer acquisition costs, enter new markets or grow $10M in sales over the next 3 years –  you will want to consider partnering with an Affiliate OPM.

The affiliate marketing channel is known to generate a high ROI.

Cultivating publisher relationships takes a time and a lot of effort so managing the affiliate program is also very resource-intensive.

Many advertisers struggle with customer acquisition costs and end up relying far too heavily on coupon affiliates.

Some digital retailers simply do not have the bandwidth to launch, manage and optimize an affiliate program.

This is where we see a lot of affiliate channels with programs that have fallen flat with unnecessarily high cost per acquisition and very little ROI.

Worse yet, many struggle to find the necessary talent to scale e-commerce sales quickly.

This is where outsource affiliate management makes the largest difference.

Mobilizing an experienced team of professionals on your affiliate program allows for the rapid scale sales you need right now by lowering the channel costs.

How Outsourced Management Lowers Affiliate Channel Costs:

Adding new partners through the affiliate agencies’ existing relationships and their active recruitment and development teams allows affiliate management agencies to find higher performing campaigns with a diverse sector of affiliate partners.

An expert affiliate manager with 7-10 years of experience with demonstrated successes over multiple programs is priceless and worth every penny.

A pretty penny weighing in around $100,000 to $150,000 annually, not including bonuses.

Multiply that with the cost for a team of two, three or even four associates.

Add on benefits, a work station and you are looking at a significant outlay of cash that is difficult to get added to your marketing budget this year.

Don’t worry if your company does not have that amount to budget.

Affiliate management companies allow you to get a team of industry leading experts working on your program, for a fraction of the cost.

Where you could only afford one person, an outsourced affiliate management firm provides 2-5 people on your account.

Outsourced Affiliate Management Cost Takeaways:

  1. Zero Costs When There are No Projects.
  2. Zero Training Downtime.
  3. Zero Overhead Costs. Covered by the agency.

Today, the e-commerce landscape is more important than ever. We have truly moved into a digital first market.

Your company needs an expert affiliate program manager fully backed by a competitive team.

Outsourcing your affiliate program management allows you to hire a qualified team to manage your affiliate program at a substantial cost savings right out of the gate.

Lowering the overall cost of your affiliate channel.

To ensure partners are successful an JEBCommerce can assist with several activities above and beyond a traditional Affiliate scope. Check them out in our blog article about additional perks working with an Affiliate management agency.