Influencer Marketing with Indochino and AlphaM

The Success of Influencer Marketing

Case Study
in Brief

Discover how JEBCommerce’s Publisher Development Division helped an online menswear brand drive new customer engagement and serious revenue through influencer affiliation and content marketing.

In today’s content-driven digital world, gaining visibility among competitors demands the right partners. A brand’s growth is often determined by the strength of its affiliates and its ability to connect with audiences through meaningful, value-driven interactions.

At JEBCommerce, we simplify the process. With 75+ years of affiliate management experience, we connect our clients with the publishers and influencers who help shape consumer behavior.

Our clients come to JEBCommerce seeking to optimize their affiliate programs in order to supplement other marketing efforts, or become the entirety of their strategy. JEBCommerce’s PubDev team supports our account managers so they can continue to provide an effective affiliate marketing game plan that provides our clients with greater value, service, and authority.

The Challenge

When Indochino, an online custom menswear brand, came to JEBCommerce, the team was looking to increase visibility and tap into a new customer base. PubDev concluded that ‘a secret weapon’ was mandated that went beyond traditional coupons, ads and banners. Indochino needed to really connect with their audiences and establish themselves as experts in their custom suits niche.

The Opportunity

The Alpha M collaboration was an exciting opportunity to reach our target audience at scale in an engaging and educational manner. Aaron did a phenomenal job describing our suits and explaining the Indochino process to his viewers. The video provided significant exposure to prospective customers and had a large impact on site traffic and revenue. To date, the campaign has generated over 140% ROI. Working with JEBCommerce on this collaboration proved to be very helpful as they were able to help with the communication, vetting process, tracking and more. We look forward to working with JEBCommerce and Alpha M again in the near future.”

Lisa Craveiro, Acquisition Manager, Indochino

What JEBCommerce proposed was to dissect Indochino’s audience base, as well as its existing publisher network, to identify the optimal course and partnership that would benefit both parties. Noted was the client’s audience—savvy men who wanted to look sharp—who appreciated the value of brief, snappy, visual content that didn’t waste time getting to the point.

They valued the ability to look and feel their best without spending hours doing high-maintenance research. PubDev reached out to AlphaM, a fashion influencer with a YouTube following of 1.5 million—and more across other social media channels. This influencer is known for helping sharp men enhance their style savvy.

Indochino executives were hesitant to spend money on a video publisher, as they had never worked with influencers or vloggers before. After PubDev shared the experiences and results of other brands that had worked with this particular publisher, and explained the immense value of the proposition, the Indochino team agreed to launch the partnership.

They established a goal of selling 50 suits in 30 days in order to secure a return on their investment. AlphaM filmed and edited a 6-minute YouTube video tutorial promoting the Indochino brand among his well-established following. The ‘how-to’ video was showcased for a week on Alpha M’s YouTube channel in the first five video slots – prime real estate on this platform. Indochino created targeted product offers to help achieve the 30-day goal.

The Results

Influencer Marketing Generated a 400% Lift in Affiliate Traffic for Indochino

The fashion influencer generated a 400% lift in affiliate traffic, as well as outselling coupon sites during the course of the 30-day partnership and ensured that Indochino generate a 140% ROI over the extent of the partnership. AlphaM met and exceeded its goal by selling 65 suits in the specified timeframe, and continued to generate sales after the initial period.

All purchases were made by new-to-file customers, which significantly enhanced its customer base and generated demand for additional influencer-partnerships and videos. The video had an immense impact on Indochino’s sales across a variety of digital marketing channels—not just affiliates—following the launch.

For months after the initial May release, it continued to generate a consistent 10% lift in site traffic.

The Bottom Line

Without a knowledgeable partner in your corner, affiliate marketing strategies such as coupon publishers can be a complicated undertaking. JEBCommerce’s experts help leading online retailers develop and manage data-driven affiliate programs that deliver clear ROI.

Are you ready to turbocharge your affiliate marketing program? With JEBCommerce, your most successful campaign yet starts today.