Client Win – JEBCommerce

Outperforming the Competition by Nearly 3x

During periods of economic instability, expenditure on luxury items such as vacations declines. However, this hasn’t been the case for our client in the travel vertical. In fact, our client’s affiliate channel has outperformed the competition in the same vertical!

While the collective competitors’ YoY sales dropped -65.76% in January, our client’s channel revenue was up +116.09%. The month of February is forecasting a similar trajectory.

What factors are at play here? It has been a lot of research and discussions with the affiliates we have great relationships with, creativity with the client’s budget, and knowing our client’s history and strengths.

To drive this revenue, our team:

  • focused optimization efforts with affiliates that perform well in this vertical
  • secured placements with past successful affiliates
  • negotiated flat fees and commissions to remain within the client’s budget

With our established partnerships and industry expertise, we were able to drive more revenue for our client, with stellar results. If you’re looking to grow your affiliate channel revenue, our team is ready to help! Reach out to us at or schedule time to discuss your needs with us.

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