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One new affiliate publisher becomes the top performer in the program, in under 30 days

Many of our clients come to us with the need to recruit more publishers into their affiliate program. We totally get that. New blood can breath life into any affiliate channel, bring new revenue, help brands acquire new customers, and gain market share, putting more dollars into their bottom line. With this lifestyle brand, we brought on one publisher quickly and within 30 days of accepting our offer, they drove more than $50k in sales and became the brand’s top monthly publisher, a designation they still carry today. How we did it:

  • During the onboarding of new clients, we do a thorough gap analysis of top performing publishers in our universe against our client’s affiliate program
  • That process identifies the low hanging fruit; partners we have relationships with but the brand does not
  • We utilize our entire team to recommend publishers for the program
  • Through this process we identified this partner as a key prospect for the affiliate program
  • The team member with the most fruitful relationship facilitated an introduction to the managing team
  • We created a more suitable commission structure directly with this partner, working outside any known aggregators
  • Provided the publisher with all the resources and collateral they needed
  • Shared reporting weekly to identify further exposure opportunities

The results were amazing and continue to be. A solid recruiting plan, combined with a team that collaborates with each other leads to success for our brands.

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