A solid onboarding process with structured strategy leads to a quick 94% increase in revenue

Anytime you make a transition from one vendor to another, one service provider to another or one consultant to another you want to see change fast and you want to reach your goals as quickly as you can. Such was the case for one of our consumer electronics brands when they switched to JEBCommerce from a competing agency. This brand saw a 94% increase in sales, 52% increase in clicks, and a 40% increase in orders YoY after only 45 days with JEBCommerce! Rapid improvement realized from these tactics:

  • Our New Client Onboarding process allows us to identify the right strategy for each brand quickly. In under 5 business days we go from contract signing to a structured strategy and to executing that strategy. Our process is comprehensive and allows us to move rapidly towards our brands’ goals.
  • A solid and comprehensive GAP analysis was performed where identified low hanging fruit level partnerships with publishers we had solid, long-term relationships with. Bringing previously uninterested publishers to the program allowed for quick growth.
  • Restructured commission plan. The previous commission strategy was confusing, overly complicated, hard to understand by publishers, and was not aligned with the brand’s overall goals. We streamlined this to a structure that was easy for publishers to understand, incentivized them to produce sales quickly and was, in a word, structured.
  • Our team and our processes quickly built trust with the client and publishers. This allowed us to acquire what each team needed to be successful.

Rapid improvement and revenue growth is achievable in the affiliate channel with the right agency, the right strategy, and the right partners. Proud to watch our team do this time and time again.

If you’d like to discover the right strategy to reach your goals, give us a call!

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