Analytics and Optimization

Analytics & Optimization

Data drives everything we do. Whether it’s marketing, new customer acquisition, affiliate optimization, or even finding that special someone. Data influences the decisions we make each and every day. That’s why JEBCommerce has our Analytics and Optimization team at the core of all of our services. Accurate, insightful, and actionable data improves performance of each channel. We offer several different services dedicated to analyzing and optimizing your marketing efforts.

Affiliate Attribution Audit

If you have an affiliate program and pay attention to your website analytics, you’ve probably noticed two very different sales totals. In fact, in 20 years, we’ve never seen them match exactly. This makes your job a challenge. You have to make decisions based on data, but you have the affiliate networks’ numbers and likely very different website analytics data. Let us help! We go through your affiliate program, your website analytics, and then identify reporting issues and roadmap the corrections and modifications needed to get them as close as possible.

Website Usability Audit

Whether you’re in the design process or already have a live website or app, we conduct usability audits to diagnose problems and recommend improvements. Our expert team will review your website from the user’s perspective to determine how likely they are to be successful in interacting with it. This review addresses:

  • Site structure and navigation
  • How easily can users complete tasks and processes
  • Branding and consistency of visual elements
  • Messaging and organization of information

Many usability issues we uncover can be easily corrected. Others may require a plan for change. Either way, the impact on customer satisfaction and conversion rates can be dramatic.


Your website data contains a wealth of information — if you know how to find it. Website analytics allows us to understand how visitors found your site, what they’re doing, and what is motivating them to take action. We go beyond simply knowing whether your website’s goals are succeeding or failing—we determine how and why. Our analytics strategies replicate successes and help improve your bottom line. That work includes creation of dashboards, identifying and tracking key segments, as well as helping with complex ecommerce tracking and attribution modeling.

Information Architecture

Well-designed Information Architecture (IA) helps users find what they’re looking for in a seamless and intuitive way. IA considers how your website or app content is structured and labeled, based on an understanding of your business, your customers, and the content on your site.

This process often involves card sorting to understand how people think about your content as well as testing to determine what works and what doesn’t.

Wireframes and Prototypes

Our interaction designers have extensive backgrounds in visual design, information architecture and user research. We can design the layout of a simple web screen or a complex, multi-step transaction.

Wireframes are non-interactive layouts showing the content of web pages, including interface elements and navigational systems. Wireframes usually don’t address typographic style, color, or graphics, since the focus lies in functionality, behavior, and priority of content.

Prototyping is the process of quickly creating a pared-down interactive website or application to test with users. Prototype testing generates valuable feedback early in the design process which can be incorporated into iterative prototype versions for further testing. In the end, this improves the final product and reduces the amount of changes during development.

User Testing

User Testing reveals how users actually respond to your website and how successful they are at completing your top-priority tasks. We observe user behavior by watching real people interact with your website while trying to accomplish realistic tasks. Once we understand the things users find difficult or confusing about your website, we can offer expert recommendations on how to fix them.

We provide detailed testing results to your team as well as a high-level usability testing review that can be shared with executives and other stakeholders.

Strategy and Research

When it’s time to make changes to online marketing strategies and tools, businesses often need expert assistance with research and making their case for change. We work with you to ensure a strategy gets internal acceptance, leading to a high level of buy-in and providing a way to communicate with the rest of your organization. We’ll ensure that your strategy keeps users a priority in every project.

Our Satisfied Customers

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