Leftovers anyone? Residual Income With Influencer Marketing

Everyone has that one favorite recipe they love to make. You know the one – you can make it in your sleep. No need to measure ingredients. You can alter it a smidge, but your culinary confidence is solid.  It’s your ‘go to’ meal when friends pop over or when you head out to a potluck.  Mine is huevos con chorizo y tortillas (it’s a mouth full, literally). I grew up watching my father make it on the weekends. The dish makes me think of my grandmother, my culture, and my family. It’s my favorite. And when I make this particular dish, I make plenty of it. Why? Leftovers! It always seems to taste better later in the day with a cold beer.

An affiliate/brand relationship had been forged, and the key Influencer Marketing components were already on the table.

That’s how it was when an Influencer came to me and said, “Let’s make a fitness video or two.” He and I had been at this exact spot less than a year before and back then it had been our first time trying out this “recipe” – a collaboration with a menswear client – and there had been a great deal at stake. But this time the feeling was different. The stakes were still high. Two videos not one. Double the fee. Yet there was an ease to the whole process. An affiliate/brand relationship had been forged, and the key Influencer components were already on the table.

As I mentioned in the beginning, when you are confident in your cooking skills, you can alter the recipe a touch here or there. Add more spices. Hold the tortilla strips. Slice up some avocados. Wait, there’s company coming.  Double the recipe …. no sweat because you know leftovers can be had for all.

…earning the initial investment back in record time, 70% new-to-file customers and the money KEPT rolling in.

But again, I bring up ‘leftovers.’ Why? Because, yes, the ‘dish’ or in this case the campaign easily secured “3 Michelin stars” by earning the initial investment back in record time, 70% new-to-file customers, and, as the year before, once again this Influencer secured the number one spot in the brand’s affiliate channel (outranking coupon and loyalty sites). But the focus this time for me was the ‘leftovers’…. what happens after the initial ‘hype’ of a video launch. Again, the Influencer did not disappoint. From the first views of the video it exploded for hours…days….weeks, and product was getting shipped at a consistent rate. Four products went on back order due to the demand. The brand scrambled to fill orders. The ‘dish’ was hot! A week later. Two weeks later. Two months later! This wasn’t just a one time flash in the pan launch for a YouTube video. People had a taste, and they wanted more.

The momentum of this 9-minute video has slowed but not cooled. It continues to generate revenue two months after it first viewing…and now the second video has been released. Bring us more!

The YouTube video continues to generate revenue two months after it first viewing

Isn’t it a great feeling with you’ve labored to served a fine meal to family and friends, your guests compliment you on a superb evening, and everyone leaves full, content and with the promise to gather again soon? I love that feeling. It’s a great sense of satisfaction. Similar to this collaboration. All the ingredients were there: Powerhouse Influencer and a rock solid brand. And the ‘dish’ was first-rate. But what made it even better….Leftovers! Consistent residual income pouring in weeks after the video launched. I don’t know about you but I can’t wait for the next Influencer campaign and next Saturday morning. You’re all invited to my house for huevos con chorizo y tortillas and a cold beer.