We are a bit delayed in our posting of this week’s episode of “What is JEBCommerce Reading” as we have been working on revamping our website.  After reading our articles, please take a look at our new and improved website at jebcommerce.com.  As always, we encourage your feedback….comments, suggestions and input on what you a reading.


Brian Secrist -    Slam Dunk or Rimshot?  NBA Star Tracy McGrady Launches His Own Daily Deal Site

Danielle Dougherty -     Why is the long tail key in 2012 and how can you win attention?

Jamie Birch -     Price It Right and Prepare for Profit, Pinterest is Not Influencing Purchasing Decisions, 30 Twitter Accounts Every Affiliate Should Follow and Amazon: To KDP Select, Or Not?

Jamie Tapia -     The War Against Affiliate Marketing Continues and Hot or Not: Sales and Marketing Trends in 2012

Jen Dorman -   News Brief: New Jersey Latest Star in Affiliate Tax Showdown

Maryellen Garasky-     7 Things you need to know to keep kids safe online

Shannon Simmons -     SpaceX CEO claims he can send you on a round-trip to Mars for $500K

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