Coupon Affiliate Marketing More Important as Economy Swings Down

This has been a pretty tough year for our economy.  It seems that every headline is worse than the last and every industry is needing to switch gears fast. I’ve met, and know personally, so many that are affected by the slumping economy, either with jobs lost or just general business downturn, it can be …

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Affiliate Manager Coaching and Mentoring – New JEBCommerce Service

We’ve been asked, here at JEBCommerce, for some time to offer a training, coaching and mentoring program for new and veteran affiliate managers alike. Many of our clients, especially those that have used our Affiliate Assessment and Success Roadmap services, have been looking for an on-going program to help their affiliate managers become better, more …

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The offline/online bridge

There has been one wide gaping hole in affiliate marketing since I can remember, I’ve been involved in the space for almost ten years. That hole is the offline/online bridge in respect to multi channel merchants. From an affiliate manager perspective, we know that sales are being influenced, at the very least, and and at the most being placed directly resulting from affiliate online relationships.

Coupon sites becoming increasingly important – #3 in series

Overall, I hope this series has shown that you can’t outright dismiss the importance of this group of affiliates. They drive an incredibly amount of sales, many are incredibly responsive, professional and really good people. Many of them I consider close friends and leaders in this field. Often times you can engage these affiliates in your couponing strategy and they can provide you with some great information and ideas. Afterall, they work with your competitors and they know what converts. They may prove to be very valuable partners.

Why Aren’t They Accepting My Application?

Along with the known affiliates applying to your program, there are hundreds and thousands of applications that come through that are either suspect, fraudulent or simply incomplete. If you are an affiliate manager reading this, you’ll probably be nodding your head and maybe even have a chuckle. If you are an affiliate that seems to receive more denials than approvals when you apply to programs, this article is just for you. I’d like to highlight some of the things that managers see every day that you may be doing and need to avoid in order to get your applications approved.