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Consistant servicing and team collaboration yields 170% revenue growth

Affiliate programs come with distinct requirements and strategies that demand ongoing attention and collaboration for sustained growth and success. Maintaining a consistent approach is crucial!

Take, for example, our client in the apparel vertical. While they were busy managing other facets of their business, we focused on their affiliate program:

  • We performed recruitment and application approvals
  • We processed transaction inquiries
  • We sent out regular newsletters

We kept the affiliates engaged and taken care of, so they were primed to ramp back up when the client was ready to focus on the channel again. When the client had weekly promotions to share, the affiliate program was primed and ready to respond. And respond it did. The channel nearly tripled its revenue in two months, yielding 170% revenue growth!

A robust recruitment strategy, coupled with a collaborative team, paves the way for success for our brands. If you’d like to learn more, contact us at or schedule time to discuss your needs with us. We’d love to help!

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