Where to Find Affiliate Marketers for Your Product

eCommerce already knows affiliate marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to increase sales in 2021. The ability to place your brand in front of new customers that are highly-interested is known to increase profitability quickly with minimal upfront costs. 

Affiliate programs enable retailers to widen their audience reach, acquire new customers and increase revenue. A key component to continuously widening your audience reach is to find affiliates to sell your product.

Finding affiliates takes a lot of time and there is a lot of information online about how to recruit high quality affiliates.

When you find yourself stuck, wondering how do I find affiliate marketers for my product?

Or, if the process of finding affiliates is just too time consuming, contact JEBCommerce and bookmark this article that covers 11 places to find affiliate marketers:

  1. Existing Customers
    Super affiliates may be right under your nose. Encourage your best customers to earn money by recommending your brand to their friends and family. 
  2. Link on Website
    Make it easy to contact you. Affiliates will look on your website first for a link to more information about your program. Make sure the landing page has clear terms and makes the process easy.
  3. Email Signature
    On the same topic as a link on your website – add a link in your email signature, company wide.  
  4. Affiliate Network
    Affiliate marketers looking to promote a new product often start by looking in an affiliate network. Make sure the terms of the program are clear and offer a competitive commission.
  5. Facebook Groups
    Facebook groups are still going strong with thousands of active members. Online communities, like FB groups can be a golden opportunity. Contact the page admin and offer your affiliate program.
  6. Industry Forums
    On the topic of thriving online communities, there are very active niche forums that attract industry insiders. Online communities offer a lot of options to build affiliate marketer relationships. Try connecting with the community owner and most active members.
  7. Niche Blogs
    Google your most profitable keywords and see if any blog or review sites are promoting related products. Do NOT send a generic pitch, this will quickly be marked as spam. Niche bloggers are more inclined to participate with a product they truly love and trust. Work on building a relationship and asking how you can help them.
  8. Influencers
    Increase sales significantly by leveraging an influencers reach, selecting an appropriate product based on their platform and offering high-quality marketing material. A simple search on YouTube will bring up a ton of affiliate marketers with anywhere from 50k – 200k subscribers. Find their contact information on their “About Page.”  
  9. Online Ads
    Advertise the affiliate program on Google Ads, Facebook and Twitter. Online ads work especially well if you have a wide range of products within a profitable niche. 
  10. Coupon Sites
    Don’t discount coupon sites – they are still unbelievably popular among customers. You must offer a discount for customers but coupon sites visitors are shoppers so the conversion rate is fairly high.
  11. Word of Mouth
    Affiliates talk. If you take exceptional care of your affiliates and run a great affiliate program – the best of the best affiliates will find you. What makes an affiliate program great? Read the JEBCommerce article, “How to Find Super Affiliates that Skyrocket Revenue.”

Brands that are looking to grow by 10M within 3 years should partner with an affiliate management agency. 

An affiliate management agency like JEBCommerce dedicates time to recruiting every week, so there is always someone working to recruit new affiliate marketers to sell your product. 

Over the past decade, JEBCommerce has nurtured relationships with major affiliates in the outdoor, beauty, fashion and apparel retail space. 

JEBCommerce has been managing affiliate programs since 2004 and with that experience we have developed tried-and-true strategies to find new affiliates.

Be sure to read the article about 8 affiliate recruitment tools that really work.

Having a close relationship with an entire team of high-quality bloggers, influencers and paid search partners we are able to get affiliate programs up to speed quickly. 

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