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Where to Find Affiliate Marketers for Your Product

Finding and recruiting new affiliates to your affiliate program is a vital activity for growth. Check out these 11 ways to identify potential affiliates.

How to Find Super Affiliates that Skyrocket Revenue

Super affiliates can skyrocket your revenue quickly. In this guide we outline what they are and how to find them to get them producing in your affiliate program.

How to Recruit Affiliates like a Pro

“Do you want to make money working from home and selling the products you already use?” Most people would quickly delete this message. The world is becoming more and more immune to sales pitches and you’ll never get noticed with this cookie cutter approach to recruiting affiliates. So, how do you get noticed above all […]

How to Find New Affiliates

One of the biggest dangers in the affiliate channel is stagnation, or letting things run on auto-pilot. Since the channel is all about relationships and growth, a top priority for all affiliate programs is to find new affiliates and keep the momentum going. When performance isn’t improving (or worse, going downhill), this is a leading […]

The Best Affiliate Recruitment Tools and How to Use Them

The process of finding new affiliates to join your program can be daunting. One of the most common challenges is where to find affiliates. The Internet is a big place, and many advertisers don’t know where to start or what to look for. JEBCommerce has been managing affiliate programs since 2004 and with that experience […]

Are Affiliate Recruitment Services Really All You Need?

“Just recruit affiliates, that’s all we need.” As an affiliate program management agency, we are often asked if we can offer affiliate recruitment services only.  Although a very important task, recruiting affiliates is only one aspect to advancing long term growth. Often, advertisers want recruitment for their affiliate program because they don’t have the resources […]
The Perfect Affiliate Recruitment Email - JEBCommerce

The Perfect Affiliate Recruitment Email

The perfect affiliate recruitment email can be easy to write and super effective, but you have to put the time into it or it will fall flat. Our CEO, Jamie Birch, updated a previous post on our blog helping you to craft the perfect affiliate recruitment email.

Loyalty Affiliates – The Pants Analogy

Channel mix is an increasingly important topic for CMOs, Marketing Directors and any digital marketer. Where to put resources and budget across different channels can mean the difference between an amazing performance in 2015 and a dismal one. Your mix across affiliates is also an important concept to grapple with. What percentage of time, resources, […]