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Key Collaborations Lead to Increased Conversion Rates

A client in the education sector was experiencing a dip in their affiliate program. The program’s conversion rates declined, with a noticeable drop starting in Q3 2022. Our team dug in and found significant losses were attributed to underperforming big partners, as well as a key TM+ partner’s performance sharply declining.

To reverse the trend, our team:

  • Ensured current affiliates were as optimized as possible
  • Activated with cashback partners, niche sites, and social partners
  • Recruited a key YouTube partner to the program
  • Collaborated with a cart abandonment solution publisher to help improve conversion rates

Through our strong industry relationships and focused efforts, this client’s affiliate program performance experienced a rebound. Conversion rates increased by almost 40% YOY, and almost 60% in the last quarter YOY.

Having a team that is dedicated to growing your affiliate program is important. If you’d like to learn more, contact us at or schedule time to discuss your needs with us. We’d love to help!

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