MyAffiliateCoach Testimonial

We just wrapped up another MyAffiliateCoach training/mentoring session. We had some great students that made amazing headway into their programs. I always enjoy teaching new affiliate managers the ins & outs of affiliate management. It really is one of the more enjoyable aspect of my work day. It was great to see our 12 week program really help out our newest students.

We have been fortunate enough to get a testimonial from one of our students, Pauline Hill from Beacu-coup Favors, Inc. Thanks Pauline and good luck with the affiliate program! Don’t be a stranger!

I do not know where to begin to thank Jamie & My Affiliate Coach Sessions. The generous nature in which Jamie shares his knowledge is priceless. The 12 week sessions are well planned, very detailed & presented in terms that are easy to comprehend and implement. Having completed the course I have a much better understanding of how to grow & maintain our program from both a management and affiliate perspective. Jamie covered all aspects of affiliate program management with his classes, then made himself available for 1on1 sessions that really helped me put the learning into action. The individual attention was a key factor to not only fully learning the ropes but understanding how I could implement my new skills in my current role. In addition, each class session is recorded & available for future review at any time. Being able to refer back to the sessions at later dates really helps enforce learning & retention. Jamie will teach you to understand, create & implement all your goals at network, program & personal levels. I highly recommend Jamie Birch & the My Affiliate Coach sessions to any new Affiliate Program Manager.

Pauline Hill
Beau-coup Favors, Inc.

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