Have You Heard? JEBCommerce is Now Managing the Havenly Affiliate Program!

Anyone who knows anything about Pinterest knows, interior design inspiration is HUGE right now. Do you ever browse inspiration online and think, “these ideas are great and all, but I wish I could have something designed specifically for my home”? If so, Havenly has you covered! Havenly provides custom interior design consultations tailored to meet your unique needs and provides sale links to every item the designers recommend 100% online. No trips to the hardware store required! They design by room and can help you with any project and incorporate any of your much-loved furniture/decorations that you desire. The ability to customize their proposals to meet your needs is exactly what makes Havenly different. JEBCommerce is honored to be the agency that helps take their affiliate program to the next level.

Havenly Affiliate Program Details

  • Baseline Commission $10 Per Consult
  • 30 Day Cookie
  • Last Click Model
  • Pepperjam Network – PID: 8723
  • Primary Audience: United States

So why should publishers join this program?

Havenly is a brand on the fast track to success. Their services are quality, stand out above the competition and perfectly meet the needs of what today’s consumers are asking for. A partnership with Havenly is a partnership for success! The program is not discount focused, but instead our goal is to recruit quality publishers whose audience wants to learn more about how a Havenly consult can bring their home design to the next level! What consumers do or don’t do with the design proposed by Havenly designers is up to them, but our competitive conversion rates of over 4.3% will drive home the opportunity for any publishers.

If you’re interested in learning more about the program or if your site is a fit, we would love to hear from you. Please email and you’ll get a personal response directly from the team managing the program. Or if you prefer a more direct approach, please feel free to give me, Morgan Mittie, a direct call and I’ll be happy to help you! My number is: (800) 208-6215 Extension 339.

Everything You Need to Know to Get Started:

Questions, Comments or Optimization Ideas? Contact: to reach your account management team or visit our Affiliate Management Page to learn more about the services JEBCommerce offers.

“Havenly is an exciting program with countless ways to engage consumers! People get excited when you talk about interior design. They get even MORE excited when you provide easy access to a professional designer. If you’re an affiliate or a consumer, we can’t wait to hear about your Havenly experience!”

– Morgan Mittie