Episode #019

Terry Adelman – Influencer Marketing with premier men’s influencer agencies

With Terry Adelman - Managing Partner, MENfluential

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On today’s episode … an influencer! Yup, it’s one of the hottest topics in affiliate marketing and today we have one of the best on the show.

Terry Adelman is our guest today, and he is the Managing Partner of MENfluential, an influencer agency that manages many of the premier influencers in the men’s category. JEBCommerce has actually worked with Terry for many years and have seen great success for our clients. In fact, we have two case studies: Bodybuilding.com and Indochino.

If you are looking to learn more about working with an influencer, you definitely want to listen to this episode. Terry talks about his career path and how MENfluential started. We dive into how it is to work with their agency as well as their influencers, how they judge success and what they actually do.

About Our Guest

Name: Terry Adelman



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