Strategies to Scale Your Affiliate Program

Are you taking a strategic approach to growing your affiliate channel beyond a basic coupon affiliate strategy and driving incremental sales? Do you have the right technology, partners, and promotional strategy to hit your goals this year, in good times and in bad? Are you getting the highest ROAS and lowest customer acquisition cost possible?

Let our award-winning team answer those questions for you with our Program Assessment and Strategic Roadmap.

Strategy development begins with a comprehensive audit by our award winning affiliate managers

Our experienced team analyzes more than 20 aspects of your affiliate program, technical setup, policies and procedures, and more to establish how it measures up to our industry leading and award winning standards and to clearly identify opportunities for growth. Our goal is to provide you with a strategy document that protects your bottom line and positions your affiliate channel for revenue growth, liability reduction and protection, and incremental profitability.

Your bespoke roadmap will provide ideal strategies for ...

  • Current Affiliate Network setup and Optimization to ensure highest likelihood to reach your revenue and profitability goals.
  • Network evaluation – are you on the right network given your goals, cross-channel environment, channel attribution and growth and profitability goals.
  • Returned Order Setup. Do you have the right process to ensure you are not paying commissions on orders that were returned or not processes.
  • Competing brands’ programs are compared with your current program. What are the commonalities? What are the biggest differences between the programs? Facets of each program that will be studied include, but are not limited to creatives, account setup, cookie/commissions, communication channels and performing affiliates.
  • Commission rate and Cookie days. Is the current commission rate and cookie duration the most effective for the program being audited? Are there possible cost savings, or ROI opportunities by publisher category? What are competitors doing with their commissions and cookie days?
  • Paid search compliance.
  • Creative asset analysis. Creative assets and links are evaluated based on effectiveness.
  • Affiliate partner Gap Analysis to identify the key affiliates in your vertical that should be in your program
  • Top affiliate recruitment – outreach strategy provided so you can effectively recruit all top affiliates as well as non-enrolled affiliates identified in Gap Analysis
  • Comprehensive affiliate activation strategy of dormant affiliate partners enrolled in your program – including contact info!
  • Affiliate category diversification to ensure you are in front of your entire ideal client base.
  • Newsletter review and strategy recommendation for entire communication plan
  • FTC Audit to ensure you have the protections in place and the policies to ensure you have the lowest liability for fines and regulation.
  • Product feed analysis and recommendations.
  • Tech and media partner strategy, outreach plan and introductions.
  • Attribution recommendations and best practices.
  • Customer promotion review and 12 month strategy.

Our Performance Speaks for Itself

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Strengthening partnership integrity, the proper strategy, and massive recruitment lead to 256% increase in sales

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