Tech and Strategic Partnerships Yield 328% Revenue Increase (and Win Award)

In response to unprecedented challenges within the accounting education ecosystem, Surgent Accounting & Financial Education (Surgent) faced the critical need to diversify their affiliate program. In an effort to transform the program, Surgent partnered with JEBCommerce and LinkConnector and was able to achieve extraordinary results.

Facing issues such as over-reliance on specific affiliates, restrictions for coupon affiliates, and budget limitations for strategic growth levers, the trio found innovative solutions through the collaboration. Leveraging LinkConnector’s AI recruitment tools, they targeted relevant affiliates, while utilizing Naked Coupon tech minimized friction with non-traditional affiliates. Customized commission increases for highly valued affiliates offset budget limitations, resulting in significant growth.

Recognized by Partnership Awards for their outstanding achievements, this collaboration serves as a testament to the transformative power of strategic partnerships. With a 328% revenue increase from focus and new affiliates, Surgent’s affiliate program showcases the value of innovation, collaboration, and dedication in achieving remarkable success. If you’d like to talk about growth for your affiliate program, contact us today at gethelp@jebcommerce.com or schedule time to discuss your needs with us.

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