"What is JEBCommerce Reading- February 22, 2012?"

As we were gathering the articles for this week’s installment of “What is JEBCommerce Reading- February 22, 2012”, we came across this great photo by Duncan Usher Nature Photography.  It seems that the fox is having a great time; a sly smile on his face as he slides down the ladder with what seems to be not a care in the world.  But the important question may be what will greet him at the bottom of the ladder???

Enjoy this week’s articles and share some of your own!

(Jamie Birch)  How Seinfeld’s Productivity Secret Fixed My Procrastination Problem

(Danielle Dougherty)  Google Busted with Hand in Safari-Browser Cookie Jar

(Geoff Marshall)       Microsoft, Google Argue Over Browser Privacy Issue

(Brian Secrist)      Could Google Delete Copyrighted MP3s from Gmail? “Only in Extreme Cases’ It Says

(Jen Dorman)    RIP, Raygun: Pentagon’s Laser Plane Laid to Rest

(Jamie Tapia)   10 Practical Ways to Boost Your Energy Level [Podcast], by Michael Hyatt

(Maryellen Garasky)  Fox Photo, by Duncan Usher Nature Photography

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