"What Is JEBCommerce Reading March 7, 2012?"

The Pacific Northwest woke up today to beautiful sunny skies and nice cool temps.  Dare we ask?  Dare we question?  Is  Spring around the corner?  After reading Geoff Marshall’s article this week, and being blessed with such great weather, it seems that we should all take advantage of the sun and get active!!!!  Enjoy this week’s installment of “What is JEBCommerce Reading March 7, 2012?”

(Brian Secrist)            “Jumptap: Android, iOS Now 91% of All Mobile Ad Traffic, Kindle Fire 33% of All Tablet Use”

(Danielle Dougherty)   “10 Deadly Mistakes With Email Marketing”

(Geoff Marshall)         “Your Desk Job Makes You Fat, Sick and Dead”

(Jamie Tapia)             “Today’s Top Stories: iPad HD Rumors, Colleges Demand Applicants’ Facebook Data”

(Jen Dorman)              ‘World’s thinnest tablet,’ Toshiba Excite 10 hits US in March

(Jon Goodwin)             “Warm Weather Puts Chill on Brands’ Winters”

(Maryellen Garasky)     “The Collapse of Print Advertising in 1 Graph”

(Shannon Simmons)      “Apple wins right to Android development details in patent lawsuit”

(Jamie Birch)           “The Skill of the Follow Up” Brad Lomenick and  “Twitter chats and Twitter parties for brands”

We would love to hear from you…your comments, articles that you are reading, anything else you would like to share!  Thank you for stopping by!

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