Today’s meeting was filled with news of our upcoming 2012 planning, our company off-site meeting in January, conference schedules, team travel and even oil towns in North Dakota!  We had some real interesting reading from the team, although I didn’t see the spying and exploding grenade article coming (thanks Danielle) :).

Without further ado, please enjoy this week’s reading list:

(Geoff Marshall) – Retargeting – Online annoyance or effective marketing strategy?

(Jamie Tapia) –Email Etiquette

(Danielle Dougherty) – The military’s Robotic Grenades

(Jon Goodwin) – Titles Matter. and Titles Don’t Matter.

(Brian Secrist) –Windows leads pack in mobile.

(Jen Dorman) – Mistakes to avoid in creating a business plan.

(Jamie Birch) – Williston: The Town the Recession Forgot (

What are you reading?  We’d love for you to share!




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