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Affiliate OPM: Experience to Stay Ahead of Change

Buyer behavior, the economy and the affiliate channel is changing at a pace reminiscent of 2008-09.

With a drastic change in consumer buying behavior, disruption to manufacturing and logistics and more, it is imperative that your affiliate program is able to pivot appropriately.

We are talking about more than simply making sure your company stays within the lines of all 50 states’ tax codes.

It is ok if you do not have the bandwidth to launch, manage and optimize an affiliate program in-house. 

Not any one person can have every experience, know every affiliate and stay on top of all these issues, but with an agency, it’s possible for you to have a team that can.

Partnering with an Affiliate OPM allows for many advantages including the ability to leverage existing agency partnerships and reduce overall cost of customer acquisition.

When you begin working with an affiliate management company, like JEBCommerce, you join a higher tier of clients across industries, sectors and business models.

Simply by being in this “club,” your program reaches the affiliates in all our programs.

 We are able to reach more affiliates every week by operating as a team on all the social networks and major affiliate forums.

Along with collaboration amongst a large network of affiliates, Affiliate OPMs are able to offer a broad range of experience

JEBCommerce has been managing affiliate programs for 20 years on more than 100 different programs.

Winning OPM Agency of the year at the 2019 Pinnacle Awards. 

Growing old programs, and healing wounded ones, in the following industries:

  • Health and beauty
  • Travel
  • Sports/outdoors
  • Fashion

If your program is experiencing a drastic shift, our experienced affiliate management team is here to help you pivot. 

View our client roster to see the brands we have helped achieve success.

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