JEBCommerce is excited to announce the launch of the Brightside affiliate program!

If you are a publisher who loves to bring awareness to mental health and mental health services, then you’ll be excited to learn that JEBCommerce is now managing the Brightside affiliate program. This program is new to the affiliate community and has launched with Impact. The program is already off to a great start, growing considerably within the span of the past few months.

Brightside exults themselves in providing expert online mental health services, with evidence-proven therapy and FDA-approved prescription options. They specialize in depression and anxiety, and have shown that 83% of Brightside users feel better within 12 weeks. No matter if it’s someone’s first time, or something they have experienced before, Brightside uses evidence-based care, your unique data points and the support of qualified Doctors and Therapists to support you every step of the way.

This expert in the field of online mental health services is already finding successes in the affiliate marketplace. As people look for support, especially after the difficult year that we have experienced, Brightside is ready to assist more people.

High Level Program Information

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  • Commission: 30% Baseline 
  • Average Order Value: $150
  • Conversion Rate: 4.4%

Feedback from those that have joined the Brightside program has been very positive. They’re quickly seeing immediate results and traffic as clicks increase and those begin to convert. If you think there’s a potential fit with Brightside and your content, tool, loyalty or another unique site – please reach out to the team managing this affiliate program. We’re open to reviewing ALL partnership types if there is a fit.

“We are looking forward to working with Brightside, especially at the tail end of a difficult year when many people could benefit from what Brightside can offer. As an online therapy option, people from all over the world can find the support they need or want. I’m excited to grow their reach and help people find the resources that Brightside includes.” – Morgan Mittie

If you are interested in learning more, interested in joining or have a promotional opportunity we shouldn’t pass up, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can reach us at any time by emailing:  or by calling: 1 (800) 208-6215 x 339.