Performance Marketing News

Publisher Optimizations led to 55% YoY Growth in November 2020

Optimizations, including a paid search test and creative audits, lead to 55% YoY increase in revenue for a Health & Wellness client.

Tech brand sees a $55k day from a strong Best of Web placement

If you work in the affiliate space, you appreciate the perfect sale, on the perfect day, aligned with a well timed placement. That’s what the JEB team was able to accomplish for one of our tech accessory brands this September to achieve 1346% growth in one day!

Find out how we drove a 107% increase in revenue without discounts and coupon affiliates.

Are you looking for ways to grow your affiliate program revenue without relying on coupons and coupon affiliates? Well, we can do that! Check out this mini case study on how our Beauty and Skincare client realized a 107% increase in revenue without being discount-ish and without coupon affiliates.

127% increase in revenue and 23% increase in producing publishers.

You need advanced strategies to grow your affiliate program. We utilized auto usage coupons and higher level discussions with ppc partners to grow this program in a highly competitive market.

Positioning a program for maximum growth leads to 159% YoY increase.

Positioning an in demand product is still important even when demand increases. See how our team took advantage of an increase in working from home during the pandemic to realize a 159% increase for one of our clients.

Customized Promotions and Affiliate Optimization leads to 79% revenue increase in mature affiliate program

A focus on new publishers and conversion rate optimization lead to a 78% YoY increase in a very mature program. Testing and optimization are vital to find growth!

74% active publishers in month 5 with a 38% increase in revenue MoM

3 new affiliates, 74% active publishers, key strategic negotiations and major placements continue to lead this month over month growth!

Increasing affiliate program revenue rapidly! Over 21% increase in first two weeks with lower spend!

21% growth in the first two weeks, our 6 step Client Success Map allows our clients to see rapid growth in their affiliate programs!

68% increase over previous monthly high in the affiliate program during an economic downturn.

68% increase in an affiliate program during an economic downturn? The JEBCommerce team did just that.

Increasing affiliate revenue by 4000% and 80% New Customers!

Scaling an affiliate program happens through optimization of individual partnerships. Read about how our team increased revenue by 4000% and added 80% new customers during the COVID-19 crisis for our apparel retail client.