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Increasing affiliate revenue by 4000% and 80% New Customers!

Scaling an affiliate program happens through optimization of individual partnerships. Read about how our team increased revenue by 4000% and added 80% new customers during the COVID-19 crisis for our apparel retail client.

Launching an affiliate program during COVID-19 and beating forecasts.

It is entirely possible to launch an affiliate program in times of crisis and succeed. Affiliate program management isn't magic, it takes intention, planning and the right team with years of experience to do it well and scale your affiliate program quickly. Learn how we did it with this client.

How do you grow your affiliate program during the pandemic by more than 263%?

Can you grow your affiliate program during the COVID-19 pandemic or any other uncertain and challenging time? You sure can! Read about how our team grew one of our electronics retailers by over 263% against last year's April numbers.

Rapidly increasing conversion rate leads to a rapid increase in revenue!

Your conversion rate is not out of your control. Your affiliate program can grow significantly when you increase the conversion rate. Check out this mini case study of how we did just that.

Looking to see how we beat our own launch forecasts for new clients?

Scaling an affiliate program quickly is paramount, especially when you are paying an affiliate OPM to do the job. Check out this mini case study if you want to see how our agency scales programs quickly.

How did we grow a program by 503% in the first 3 months?

How do we generate more than 500% lift in the first three months? Check out this mini case study.

Solid Tactics and Merchandising lead to 22% Lift over Best Month

How can you grow your affiliate program during the most challenging times? JEBCommerce teams are doing just that. Read this simple and short case study with helpful tips on how to scale your affiliate program quickly.

100 in 100 days?

Scaling an affiliate program quickly takes the right strategy and the right level of resource deployment. Our step 2 in our Client Success Map ensures that our clients get all our resources on the program during the first 3 months, we call it 100in100.

Gotta put the work in to get the results – Affiliate Relationships

Affiliate marketing is powered by relationships. Sometimes they take time to develop so we can test and trust. Here is a case study about how putting in the time, 2 months or more, led to a new affiliate becoming one of our client's top ten performers.

Rapid Scale to Double Digit Percentage of Ecommerce

Scaling your affiliate program quickly can lead to bringing in double digit percentages of your total ecommerce revenue. If you do the right things. Check out our mini case study where we show up to 12% of total ecommerce added by the affiliate channel in only 3 months!