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How JEB is Saving My Life

Wow, that is quite the title! Are you intrigued? My blog post this month was supposed to be about the many Affiliate Networks and which ones are the best for different verticals. But I just couldn’t bring myself to write that post just yet. The timing is poor (due to the fact that changing/adding/launching an […]

I Don't Want to Go to Work!

It’s Sunday night. You’re laying in bed and trying to go to sleep. But you can’t. Your mind is racing, and you feel you can’t settle down for the night and fall asleep. You’re thinking about Monday morning at work. What you have to get done, what you are stressed about getting done, and maybe […]

Of All the Fish in the Sea, I'm So Glad You Swam to Me

PubDev is about relationship….which involves three things: Connection, Listening, Follow-up Publisher Development Relationships It may be safe to assume that we all are familiar with Internet dating. That vicarious process of seeking the ‘love of your life’ by narratively detailing your personal likes and dislikes, as well as, posting attractive photographs striving to capture the […]

Creepiness, Value, Paranoia, and Adoption of Technology

The hook is shiny enough that this fish is more than happy to bite it. Every. Single. Day. Ok, so this is going to either be one of the strangest posts you have read from us, or one of the most enlightening. We still don’t have any idea, but boy did we have fun putting […]

Every 90 Days Something Wants to Trip You Up

This past February (I can’t believe it’s been that long) I published a blog post about my health transformation and the many amazing side effects that better health had on my physical and mental well-being as well as my company’s performance. It’s been almost a year since my amazing doctor in Bozeman, MT brought to […]

Competition Used to Scare Me

In October of last year, JEB reached our tenth year of operating since my wife and I started this agency. You make it that far and you start to reflect on some things. Add to that turning 40, and well, you start to look back on some of the things you did in your younger […]

Know your Why – High School Reverse Job Fair Edition

I had the fortunate opportunity of being a volunteer interviewer for the Post Falls High School reverse job fair this past week.  If you don’t know what that is, that’s ok, I didn’t until I finished.  But it is simple.  Basically, high school seniors create a presentation display about the career they wish to pursue […]

Two things I use to increase productivity and….

Not many individuals would accuse me of being cool, hip, or well, cool.  This blog post is probably going to cement that fact if you were on the fence.  But, I have found some things, one very trendy right now, that really help me get through my day, help give me focus in my work, […]

Knowledge Bomb the JEB Way

Knowledge is truly king and the pursuit of knowledge is a very noble pursuit. The ever constant push to continuing learning is a huge part of the culture and value of JEBCommerce. When you stop learning, frankly I think you just start to die. This appreciation and love of learning is something I try to […]

That "One Thing" that will change everything in 2015

Now that January 2015 is almost in the books, and will be by the time you read this, it’s time I do what most writers/bloggers do this time of year. We write the what to expect, how to make it great, what to avoid type of blog post for the new year. And I’m going […]