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JEBCommerced Twitter Accounts

Now that JEBCommerce is growing quite a bit and we have several new employees and web properties, it is a good time to share all of those with the world.  We use twitter to communicate with our clients, partners and to share a bit more personal and fun info day to day.  Below you’ll find …

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the Affiliate Program is Now Live!

The Affiliate Program is Now Live! We are excited to announce that the affiliate program is now live and ready to accept your applications!  The base commission rate is $5 per paid member plus 5% of monthly fees for the life of the user you refer to!  We even have a free …

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JEBCommerce is now hiring!

It’s been a truly amazing 2009 so far. JEBCommerce is growing rapidly and needs more talented people right away. We currently have two positions open and they are listed below. If you find yourself interested in either position, please email us at Please include your resume, a letter of introduction and any references available. …

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10 Reasons to Hire An Outsourced Affiliate Program Manager

10 Reasons to Hire An Outsourced Affiliate Program Management Company

New NewsForAffiliate Merchants!

We have had many new affiliate programs sign up and start posting news about their company and their programs this month. Companies like,, Retail Concepts, Crazy for Bargains, Jesus Branded and more. Takes Flight

We are very excited to announce the launch of provides a venue for all merchants to communicate news about their affiliate programs to affiliates. All for free, all the time. The intent is to allow merchants to keep their affiliates, and any prospective affiliates, educated on what is going on with their programs. … Takes Flight Read More »

Coupon Use – more stats from Internet Retailer

Internet Retailer released post Q4 information that I think adds even more food for thought for companies thinking of working with coupon sites and coupons in general. Fromtheir article: "21% of Top 500 e-retailers added coupons and rebates in 2008, according to data published in Internet Retailer’s 2009 Guide to Retail Web Site Design & Usability. Of the Top 500 retailers, 335 said they deployed coupons and rebates in 2008, up from 278 in 2007." More retailers are using coupons and discounts, not only out of necessity but out of the need to stand out.

Affiliate Summit West – Las Vegas

Will you be in Las Vegas next week? Will you be attending the Affiliate Summit? If you answered yest to either of those, I'd love to meet with you. I've attended more affiliate summits than I can remember and each one has been stellar. The network is amazing and it is always one of my best trips of the year.

One Big Mistake with Corporate Twitter Account

This one gets me every time.  Your watching your Twitter stream, maybe on the web or through Tweetdeck or some other tool, and all of a sudden you get bombarded with 10 or more tweets from a corporate account, newspaper or other organization.  I’ve seen affiliates blast 15 in the space of 10 seconds and …

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What are the earmarks of a successful Affiliate Program that allows you to stay a step ahead of your competition? Aggressive recruiting and activation. Intensive brand protection and management. Pro-active delivery of collateral and other affiliate needs. Solid relationship-building and partner-development. An Affiliate Program coordinated with your entire marketing strategy. Experienced and innovative management of …

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