Economies of Scale – Part 3 of Why work with an OPM

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Today we continue to explore reasons why advertisers choose to work with Outsourced Program Managers, or Affiliate Agencies.  We’ve discussed heightened production, quality, collaboration and the ability to tap into a larger experience pool in part 1 and 2 and today we want to discuss economies of scale.

Tell me if this has ever happened to you:

You enter the quarter/year/month with a list of projects, campaigns and initiatives you need to successfully implement and complete.  You enter the period with hopeful enthusiasm you structure your teams, resources and needs and begin to crack away at each item on your plan or todo list.

Then an initiative enters the picture from above or another channel altogether begins a new project that no one foresaw.  Immediately your list of todo’s went from mission critical, to critically ignored.  Your new creative, new datafeed, additional network all got pushed off.  But, how often are your forecasts changed accordingly?  Probably not often.  So there you are, same sales goals, same budget, but half of the items you need to finish the race.

Some things just get in the way and more often than not, in-house teams are backlogged on projects due to numerous initiatives happening at once or a simple lack of resources to get things done.

But there is a difference with outsourced firms.  Agencies must complete projects on time to retain our clients—and, therefore, ensure that they have the resources to start and finish projects efficiently.  As stated in previous posts, because clients can shift from one firm to another, planning adequately so that all projects get completed as planned is vital and a hallmark of a great agency.

There’s even a bit more to it.  Sometimes, 2+2 does equal 5, or even 10.  The combined effort of an entire team working to reach and excede your sales goals has a combining effect.  As you have even more experienced managers work on your account, in the way that JEB does, you see results even quicker.

Don’t forget to read Part 1 and Part 2!

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