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JEBCommerce welcomes the Cleverman affiliate program!

Cleverman isn’t just grooming; it’s a statement. This brand champions the idea that your style should amplify you. Picture this: grooming products that are not only tailor-made but also eco-friendly and ethical. Cleverman’s philosophy is simple yet powerful – it’s not just about looking good, but feeling confident in your own skin, all while giving a nod to the planet. This is grooming with a conscience, made for the modern man who knows that looking your best means being true to yourself and the world around you.

Why publishers should join

Cleverman is a New York City-based male grooming brand. We offer the most customized hair and beard color for men, shipped directly to your door. 

How does it work?

Customers take our quiz online. We then personalize color, care & tools. Finally, we ship it directly to their home, with customized instructions and at the frequency of their choice. 

How are we different and why is this relevant?

We are the only brand that will customize beyond color. While picking the right shade for you is important, so is having the right tools and technique to apply it, so that the result looks natural.

Cleverman Affiliate Program Details:

  • Earn a competitive 10% commission
  • Enjoy a 14 day cookie window
  • Proactive team at JEBCommerce managing the affiliate program and always available at Cleverman@jebcommerce.com

Find more at our Affiliate Program Management service page.

How to get started

If you are interested in learning more about Cleverman, ShareASale, or have any questions, simply email us at Cleverman@jebcommerce.com for a personal response from the program management team.