Migrating an affiliate program to another network and beating growth goal by 236% in 90 days – JEBCommerce

Migrating an affiliate program to another network and beating growth goal by 236% in 90 days!

Anytime an advertiser or retailer signs a contract with a new vendor they are excited about the potential of that partnership and want to see a return on their investment quickly. Couple that with a migration from one affiliate network or platform to another and the need to get things done quickly, methodically, accurately, and the importance of how you start a relationship increases exponentially. Our client in the consumer electronics space had all this going on and more. Our time-tested launch and migration system allowed our team to beat the client’s initial 6 month goal by 236% and in only 90 days’ time! Almost 3x the revenue in half the expected time!

Here is how we did it:

  • Leveraged our deep knowledge of all the affiliate networks and platforms which allowed us to know all the tricks and tips to migrate the program and the technology available to integrate affiliates and optimize them quickly.
  • Enacted a clear, comprehensive and concise communication and outreach plan for all current affiliates needing to be migrated; included email, phone, socials, and a migration webinar with clear how-tos for affiliates.
  • Implemented a migration tracking system to ensure we knew who hadn’t yet moved over to the new program.
  • Provided clear incentives for affiliates to make the move.
  • Developed a comprehensive optimization plan that included consumer offers, exclusive offers, and vanity codes to encourage affiliates to join quickly and promote to their consumers.

A systemized way to launch a new client AND to handle a migration like this is key to seeing results. Having a team that has conducted hundreds of these over 18 years is key to seeing results in half the time as expected.

If you are thinking of migrating an affiliate program and want to ensure it doesn’t skip a beat, contact us today!