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Affiliate Landing Pages: Turning Clicks into Customers

It is important to maximize every bit of traffic your brand is receiving right now. Landing pages are one of the pillars of affiliate marketing and something that we can edit right now to increase sales.  What is an Affiliate Landing Page? An affiliate landing page is the web page a consumer sees after clicking […]

Coupon Marketing Strategy: Go Where Your Audience Is

Consumers seem to be planning for a prolonged downturn in the US economy and are using coupons in larger numbers. More and more consumers are not purchasing a product without researching to find the best deal. The good news is they continue to shop, just more wisely and making sure they have a discount prior […]

COVID-19 Motivation for Retail Marketing Managers

In this video, Jamie Birch from JEBCommerce, speaks to retail marketing managers and other professionals managing multiple channels (and life) during Covid 19. Every day brings new challenges. You may be burning the candle at both ends or you may have paused decision making unsure of where and how to begin. It may feel like […]

Affiliate Channel Innovation: How Retailers are Thriving during COVID-19

There are two ways people naturally react to a challenge: isolate or innovate. Within the affiliate channel there are thousands of innovators to work with at your fingertips. Instead of isolating, call your affiliates. They are on the ground with consumers and ready to innovate. As you read this, affiliates are testing offers, merchandising and […]

Should Retailers Pause Affiliate Programs during a Downturn?

Are you considering pausing or suspending your affiliate program?  While working at Coldwater Creek right after 9/11, I learned that the work we do as affiliate marketers helps people stay employed.  During that time I saw other channels like retail and catalog laying off employees, while those investing in the affiliate channel did not. I […]

How Retailers can Lower Commission Rates without Losing Affiliates

As markets fluctuate, one of the most common things retailers need to lower is their affiliate commission rates. When handled incorrectly, this change can lead to a reduction in performance – or worse affiliates leaving in droves and the downfall of an affiliate program. Affiliate commission rates are one of the first things marketing directors […]

5 Words to Strengthen Affiliate Relationships

In the following video, Jamie Birch from JEBCommerce, speaks to digital marketing managers about how to strengthen affiliate relationships. In response to the current market retailers are lowering commission rates to 0%, pausing affiliate programs or otherwise not acting as true partners with their publishers.  Put yourself in the mind of an affiliate. What does […]