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The Profitable Performance Marketing podcast

Jamie Birch, a 20 year veteran of the affiliate marketing space, talks to industry experts on all sides of the marketplace, affiliates, advertisers, networks and vendors. Discussions around affiliate marketing, incremental sales and anything related to running a profitable affiliate channel. If you are an advertiser with an affiliate program or thinking of starting one, this podcast is for you.

Season 01 / Episode 024

Jacob Fu – On being a successful travel affiliate

With the vaccine in full distribution, many are looking to see when travel will pick up again. Today we talk to Co-Founder of, Jacob Fu about his experience growing a travel content affiliate site, getting through the pandemic, and what it looks like for travel affiliate marketing in the future.

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Todd Crawford affiliate marketing industry vet

Season 01 / Episode 023

Todd Crawford – Co-Founder at Impact, first CJ employee and long time affiliate marketing industry thought leader

Episode 23 has us talking with long time industry veteran, Todd Crawford about the new channel of digital marketing, Partnerships. We discuss what those look like, how Impact was founded to empower this channel and so many other things related to affiliate marketing.

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Season 01 / Episode 022

Cary Pierce – The future of affiliate marketing, insight and tips for newcomers

Today CEO and Founder of JEBCommerce speaks with industry vet Cary Pierce from Rakuten Advertising. They discuss COVID, CyberWeek, all things 2020 as well as the influx of new advertisers and affiliates to the affiliate marketing channel. Cary shares tips for those newcomers.

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Chelseah Murphy and Jamie Birch discuss Affiliate Trademark Plus Bidding

Season 01 / Episode 021

Chelseah Murphy – Working with a Trademark Plus Affiliate

Today I had a great conversation with one of the leading affiliate marketers, Chelseah Murphy of Wickfire. Wickfire is a successful affiliate that does many things, trademark plus search bidding is one of them. We discuss this affiliate marketing topic and more in today’s episode.

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Don Batsford Jr. on the Profitable Performance Marketing Podcast

Season 01 / Episode 020

Don Batsford Jr. – Let People Be People, Let Computers Do Division

Today’s episode is a conversation with long time digital marketing expert, Don Batsford Jr., the current Head of Industry at Google. Don owned and operated the affiliate company 31 Media, and today we talk about data, AI and what the digital marketing space looks like in 2021 and beyond.

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