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Why Hire An Outsourced Affiliate Management Agency – Our 8 Part Series

At the beginning of every year we receive a lot of inquiries about our fully outsourced affiliate management programs. Many of the questions are essentially asking if an OPM or affiliate management agency is the right way to go. To help address that question, we developed an 8-part series on just when to hire an OPM to manage your affiliate marketing program vs doing it in-house. Please feel free to let us know if you have any questions. We hope you find this helpful in your research process!

  1. Overall High Quality of Output: Because of the highly competitive nature of the affiliate marketing industry, outsourced firms must operate at a very high level simply to keep their clients satisfied.  Read More.
  2. Collaboration and Experience: Our industry is changing at an increasingly rapid pace. With the ad tax, and Pennsyvlania’s recent “reinterpretation” of their tax code, Google’s continued algorithm updates and many other concerns, it is vital that the person, or team, managing your affiliate program stays on top of all these issues.  Read More.
  3. Economies of Scale: Tell me if this has ever happened to you: You enter the quarter/year/month with a list of projects, campaigns and initiatives you need to successfully implement and complete. You enter the period with hopeful enthusiasm you structure your teams, resources and needs and begin to crack away at each item on your plan or todo list.  Read More.
  4. Exposure: The number of people on your team promoting and working your program is vital to its growth. Having a team manage your program allows for more relationships, more placements, more new business opportunities.  Read More.
  5. Speed and Flexibility: Outsourced firms can simply work faster. They have the ability to collaborate, pull in additional resources as needed, and delegate work to subject-matter experts. In-house staff, on the other hand, often must find solutions on their own, self-teach to fill any gaps in expertise, and sacrifice initiatives when resources get tight. Read More.
  6. Core Competency: In our ongoing series of hiring an OPM we discuss core competencies. Your core competencies to be precise. Your organization, department or organization is set up with a certain skillset, culture and talent pool.  Read More.
  7. Lower Costs: Did you know that according to an AffStat Report from 2008, a majority of good, experienced and high-performance affiliate manager can cost $120,000 or more? And that was almost 4 years ago. Now, how much would it cost for a team of two, three or even four? Read More.
  8. It’s Well Worth the Money: Is it worth it financially? Will this be profitable? What have others experienced? Will this add to my bottom line, or take away from it? If I engage with an agency will the sales generated through this relationship eclipse, surpass and extend beyond the cost of the relationship?  Read More.
Outsourcing the management of your affiliate program to an experienced and successful agency can help you exponentially more successful. Our core competency is affiliate marketing. It’s what our team does day in and day out. If you have questions on how we can help you grow your program today, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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